Sunday Service at the Church of Retail

Shopping Mall

Sundays. The day of rest. The day of community, and spiritual reflection.

Or at least it used to be. Now, we have something else.

Today’s church is the shopping mall. We worship retailers. We congregate not side by side but in long queues, at the alter of the checkout. We pray for discounts, credit cards in hand, stain glassed windows replaced with shiny glass store fronts.

This is the world we have built for ourselves – consumerism is our new religion. There is no community here. We shop alone in large crowds, even fighting each other for the last bargains. Instead of spiritual guidance, we have forced lip service from uncaring store clerks.

The almighty dollar is our god now. These shiny, air conditioned, logo-emblazoned plazas are our churches.

I’m in no way religious – but there is definitely something to be said about getting together with your community and reminding yourself of life’s purpose.

Of course, it would be better minus the guilt, indoctrination and irrational narrative. Perhaps an open air “church” – an opportunity to appreciate nature and enjoy each others company – would be a good way to spend a Sunday morning.

Anything would be better than fluorescent lights and food courts.


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