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Writing Good Acceptance Tests

Acceptance tests can be used to verify end to end functionality in a way that is understandable to the business. They are very broad compared with unit tests, and when automated via a tool like Specflow, are based on a more natural language. It's important that we use this natural language to keep tests simple and concise, rather than trying to write long-winded "functional" tests. Good Gherkin Before writing Acceptance tests, learn about Acceptance Criteria Best Practices . The ability to write good Acceptance Criteria translates directly to Acceptance testing. They both follow the same standards and they can be written in the same way. We should attempt to apply these best practices apply to Acceptance tests as much as is practically possible, especially when it comes to grammar as this helps us stick to a standard. The most important thing is to remember that Acceptance tests should be written with the Given, When, Then syntax where: Given sets up a state, When is an a