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6 Ways ChatGPT Can Help You Code

ChatGPT is blowing up at the moment, and for good reason. Its capabilities are unlike anything we've ever seen.  Will it take our jobs as developers? No. But, if used correctly, it will transform them completely. Here's how I am already using ChatGPT to turbocharge my productivity. It's fair to say if you're not using this, you're going to be at a significant disadvantage. Here's just a few ways you can use ChatGPT to rocket boost your development work. Provide a starting point If you know what your code needs to do, ChatGPT can quickly fill out the functionality for you: Understanding code A simple example but a great way to get some context on badly named or hard to follow functions.It’s also very good at explaining the different decision paths and giving useful examples. Improving Code Add more functionality to your code based on your suggestions: Give some more suggestions for improvements:  Simplifying code, with explanations I originally wrote this method

NuGet Like a Boss: Part 1 - Don't Check in Packages

After suffering like many with so many Package Restore woes in my projects I decided to make notes on the best way to deal with Nuget packages. Ignore the packages folder Not doing this means you check in the packages which are huge. This is annoying and kind of defeats the purpose of Nuget. When you ignore (and therefore don't check in) your packages folder, anyone getting your source code can run package restore on the solution and Nuget will download the packages automatically. How? First, add a file named .tfignore . This may require some Command prompt renaming as some set ups don't like files beginning with a dot. When you get past this annoyance, open the file in notepad and enter the following: \packages That tells TFS to ignore the packages folder. For some bizarre reason, this doesn't include the respositories.config file. You'll need to add a second line as follows: !\packages\repositories.config You'd think this would be it, but you may