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The Future of Money - Our Next Evolution

The Corruption of Monetary Motivation Everywhere I look I see the corruption caused by monetary motivation. Where there is poverty or low incomes, people will do whatever they can to make a few bucks, whatever the human or social cost. And who can blame them, when their environment fosters survival-of-the-fittest self preservation? In many ways, poverty reflects how society has failed to evolve far from its animal origins. Where people have comfortable incomes, you will find apathy in abundance. People are so enslaved by the treadmill of ever increasing work and consumption they remain oblivious to the world outside their bubbles — a world of nature, real social interaction, better health, abundant free-time, and the possibility of a better society. Mind destroying TV and pitiful politics keep them entertained in so called comfort . Where there is wealth, you’re almost certain to find selfish affluence , inefficiency and irresponsible waste . In business itself, we see corrupt practic